How it all started

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How should I even start this blog? There are so many factors that need to be covered just so I can explain how this project started.

It may be helpful to mention a little background on how I started to ‘live’ on a sailboat.

As a lover of the sea and ocean I was always dragged back there. It’s beauty inspired me to create something that would repay what he ocean has given me.

Whilst being in-between jobs and having a hard time mentally I decided to take my chances, and used a crew finding tool for sailboats. With no experience and no education about living at sea I found No Stress and its captain, Tommy. Tommy offered a place on his boat in exchange for helping him sail. Naturally all mothers would be terrified of the thought of their only daughter flying across Europe to live with a “stranger” at sea on a 42ft sailboat. To avoid this issue my mother did not find out :P.

Finally the day came for me to meet Tommy and his yacht “No Stress”. The name alone, plus the friendship that immediately clicked with Tommy, showed me a different perception of the sea. It highlighted how little I need to be happy and how a little effort can have a big effect to protect the land and the waters. Alas, after a few months I decided that I would have to go back to land as my wallet was empty.

I took a job in London as an Events Manager in a foundation that had a small focus on sustainability. After living in such a huge city and working for this company I realised that there are important factors of maintaining a sustainable life-style that are simply not in focus in the world just yet.

The points that I wish to focus on are ‘re-using’ and ‘reducing’. I realised that various countries worldwide have not been informed or educated about the possibilities of a eco friendly life style.

This is the experience that has lead to my project starting. I want to educate people about possibilities, giving advice and tips on to how to maintain a more sustainable lifestly and how easy it can be!

I feel that this can be shown in the best way on a sailboat! So I have decided to create a documentary based on eco friendly living, and add stops in villages to educate students and show them physically how to save our beautiful world.

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