Covid-19 Struggles and how the project has been affected

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It has shown that Covid-19 in 2020 has been beyond challenging. Buildings shutting down, thousands of deaths, millions losing their jobs, companies filing for bankruptcy and the list goes on.

All these struggles has affected each and every person, not only financially but especially mentally.

We are experiencing sad times but this doesn’t mean that there is no energy left for creative problem solving !

I did not want to write a blog explaining the current times but more to explain how Covid-19 has affected this project.

As the goal of this project is to document waste free living on a sailboat, educate students around the world and to physically make stops to hold presentations was sadly put on hold for now.

Fundings have been withdrawn and therefore the project needed a different approach.

Due to financial struggles, 2 wonderful sponsors have withdrawn their generous offer.

Therefore it was time for creative problem solving !

Instead of launching the whole project at once and sail away for 8 months straight away, I have decided to create a “soft launch” of this program and find a boat/ friend who is able to sail with me on their boat for just 1 month.

I have already been on everyday, which is a great website and sailing community to be part of a crew on somebody else boat. Sadly still no boat in sight after months of messaging hundreds of skippers.

Another struggle that covid-19 has given us to finally launch the project.

So if you are a captain of a boat and interested in our project whilst becoming part of the EcoNomad life-style, don’t waste time and get in touch !

This 1 month will show 5 different videos that explain how only a month can show a huge impact on living waste free.

Depending on how travel will be allowed or restricted, the planning of continuing this journey will carry on.

Sadly certain aspects are still very vague however, we are working very hard as this is our passion, to finally launch !

Bon Voyage

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